Bicycles in the Texas Medical Center

Over 1,000 cyclists commute daily to the Texas Medical Center on their bicycles.  Bike racks are conveniently located throughout the campus at the following locations.

Texas Medical Center bike rack locations

General Location

Specific Details

Garage 1

South side of garage near Southwest side

Garage 2

Ground Level Northwest / Southwest side

Garage 4

Ground level South side of entrance

Garage 6

Entrance off of MD Anderson Blvd.

Garage 7

East side

Garage 9

Entrance East and West side

Garage 10

Ground level by West exit

Garage 11

B-1 level by the South side elevators

Garage 14

West side entrance

Garage 16

Near oversized valet parking area

Garage 17

North side entrance and outside

Garage 21

Top of entrance on valet driveway

2450 Holcombe

East side TCH area MD Anderson area, VA area

Debakey High School

Inside school campus

Favrot Towers

East end of building


Entrance area

A&M Lot

North side of lot

JJ Library

Main entrance both sides

UT Ross Sterling Street

Center of street area and South side


Behind bus stop near A-lot

Jewish Institute

West side

One Baylor Plaza

Entrance on both sides near D-lot and E-lot

JJ Lot

Northwest corner

EE Lot

Rear of Lot

COH Health Department

At the main lot on Braeswood

Ben Taub ER Room

Ambulance loading dock

Ben Taub Circle

Main entrance area

GG Lot

Southeast side of lot

TCH West Tower

Eastside exit